Why The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Bother Me

I am an African-American woman and I do not have any problems with the Confederate flag. While many people with my background feel otherwise, I have no problem expressing my thoughts on the matter to others. Here are all of the reasons why I will never stand in support of banning this flag.

One thing that I am a huge fan of is the right to say what we like. As long as this does not encroach on the rights of others, there really should not be a problem. The issue I have is the fact that many want to blame the flag for all of the negative that happened to African-Americans in US history, but that is not the place to lay the blame.

Think of it this way, if someone is in support of something that is wrong on so many levels and they do this while wearing a t-shirt that has the Empire State Building on it, does that mean the entire structure needs to come down? I don’t think so, and I view this in the same way. The flag has meaning to many people, and not just those who have a negative agenda. Why should everyone lose their right to access something due to the actions of others?

There are many people in my family who would love to see this flag banned from society, but I feel like some of them are only saying this because that is what they are supposed to say. Would it really damage them so badly to have a flag around that signifies something that doesn’t technically have much to do with them. Sure, it is attached to racism and slavery, but I feel like that is only a small part of the history of the US.

I suppose these are the same people who register Democratic because they believe that they are awesome, even though members of this party are the ones that started the KKK. If that is a key factor that can be forgotten when people hea dto the polls, then I believe that the same thing should be considered when it comes to the flag.

Honestly, I have not shared these thoughts with many people yet, but I would be very vocal if asked. I know that this would probably make me look bad in some circles, but I reallky could not care less. I have an opinion that does not mimic the norm and I am fine with that. I tend to stick to my beliefs, even if they are not the most popular ones in the world.

There are some states that have decided to ban the flag, and I am not happy about that at all. It seems that racial tension in the US has caused people to make decisions that are not fair in any respect. I guess when it comes to the First Amendment, it only applies in certain situations and not to others.

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