The Confederate Flag Is A Huge Topic Of Debate

People can say the Confederate flag is a symbol of the South all they want, but what it actually represents is the South’s secession from the Union. If that were to have held, the southern states that seceded wouldn’t even be part of the US today. I’m sure that is not what modern southerners want to be thinking about, myself included. It’s very unsettling sometimes to hear what people have to say about the Confederate flag.

I’ve come to realize that most people that stick up for this flag really aren’t trying to do any harm to anyone. In other words, they aren’t saying yes I like a flag that stands for slavery so just deal with it. Unfortunately, the history behind the flag and how people feel about it is what really matters, and therefore, it’s very uncool in my opinion for southerners to hoist the Confederate flag.

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How is it okay to celebrate what was once a divided nation? Certainly, there were two sides to the war, and every country remembers its wars and honors its veterans. However, we’re talking about a war that was fought internally in the US Today. We are all part of one country. Let’s put this in modern terms for a minute. Imagine North Korea went into heavy battle with South Korea tomorrow. Let’s say the two sides, which aren’t together right now of course, end up coming together later on in several years. What if North Korea’s dictator and the people of North Korea kept hoisting a battle flag over the years that reminded them of this war?

How do you think the people of South Korea would take it? Now, while we are a unified country in the US, there is still North and South. How can we become even more unified and continue working in that direction if people have the mentality that the Confederate flag is okay to wave happily? That’s a very combative point of view if you ask me.

Did you know that the rebel flag actually used to be part of the state flag for Georgia? It wasn’t until 2003 that it happened. If you think that’s bad, just look at what Mississippi did in the 2000’s. The people voted, and the rebel flag is now part of the Mississippi state flag design. Isn’t that just disappointing?

Maybe you like the Confederate flag, and maybe you even own one. Chances are, you’re part of the group that doesn’t mind people talking about why they don’t like the flag. You just don’t personally have a problem with it, and you like it for other reasons. Or, maybe you’re like me and you really just hope that someday soon the country will band together about this issue and much more. Currently, it seems we can’t even put the Civil War to bed, and that’s why so many people are waving the Confederate flag. Maybe one of these days it won’t be such a debated topic anymore.